Carmelo Anthony will be looking for greener pastures for 2014-15

Carmelo Anthony will be looking for greener pastures for 2014-15

Yes, the Washington Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls. And while much speculation surrounds Carmelo Anthony going to the Chicago Bulls, the Washington Wizards could be the new hottest spot for free agents due to their most promising young stellar backcourt players, John Wall and Bradley Beal.

Here are 9 solid reasons for why Carmelo Anthony should consider the Washington Wizards…or at the very least, question whether the Chicago Bulls is the best destination for his talents.

1. Historical Reason: There is precedent with Bernard King leaving the Knicks to play for the Washington Bullets. Carmelo may not still receive the same praise as Bernard King in New York, but going from New York to Baltimore has been done before.

2. Hometown: Carmelo moved to Baltimore and went to Towson Catholic High School.

3. Better Backcourt: John Wall and Bradley Beal have better long term futures than the Bulls backcourt in Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. Wall is 23 years old and Beal is 20 years old as opposed to Rose who is 25 and Butler who is 24. Bradley Beal’s stats are 17.1 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 3.3 apg in his second year as opposed to Jimmy Butler’s 13.1 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 2.6 apg in his third year. Between Wall and Rose, Carmelo should choose Wall’s health over the often injured Derrick Rose. Carmelo just played on an injury plagued Knicks team and should not rely on Rose’s injury-plagued career.

Wall and Ariza should be a huge draw for any free agent this summer

Wall and Ariza should be a huge draw for any free agent this summer

4. Better Frontcourt: The group of Nene and Gortat are better than the group of Noah, Gibson and Boozer. Do you remember when David Robinson won the MVP Award and then Hakeem Olajuwon beasted him in that series? Nene put his own Olajuwon-esque performance by scoring again and again over the Defensive Player of the Year in Noah.

5. Better Organization: Do you remember Dwayne Wade’s comments about questioning the Bulls organization’s loyalty to great players after they retire? Wade didn’t trust the Bulls, so why should Carmelo? And in a stunner, the Bulls traded their leading scorer in Luol Deng this season, which is not a move by an organization that wants to compete year after year.

6. Better Coach: Tom Thibodeau is too demanding on his starters, forcing them to play a ton of minutes during the regular season. Jimmy Butler played 53 minutes in Game 2 of the first round series against the Wizards. This can lead to injuries and is the exact opposite of Greg Poppovich’s move to be cautious about his player’s minutes. If you think that Rose’s injury has nothing to do with him playing heavy minutes, you’re dreaming.

7. New Big Three: Wall, Beal and Carmelo would create a new “big three” that would rival Miami in the Southeast Division. Instead of the Heat who constantly worrying about health and aging veterans (especially Wade’s knee), Melo would have a younger team to contend for the immediate future.

8. Money: If Carmelo is honest about not caring about extra money, he would take whatever is affordable for the Wizards in order to play with a better overall team in the Wizards. Wall is under contract until 2019 with the Wizards and Beal’s highest salary will by only $7.4 million in 2017.

Will Anthony relinquish his shot attempts?

Will Anthony relinquish his shot attempts?

9. Coach Whitman: Carmelo has reportedly asked about what it’s like to play for Coach Thibodeau, which makes one think that he might want to play for him. However, why would he want Thibodeau in the first place when Whitman’s in-game changes are better than Thibodeau’s strategy? Thibodeau’s game plan is not adjusting to the Wizards and this is a bad sign of inflexibility in strategy. Nevertheless, if Carmelo does not want to play for Whitman, the Wizards have yet to make a large financial commitment to the coach and could easily replace him with one more suitable to Carmelo’s liking.

Carmelo Anthony might prefer the Bulls over the Wizards because Chicago is a bigger basketball market than the Wizards,and it is possible Anthony’s need to score may not fit well with the ball-dominant guards in Wall and Bradley. Nevertheless, Anthony can’t care too much about the basketball market if he is considering on leaving New York City, which is the mecca of basketball.

Anthony should relish the opportunity with other high scoring players like Wall and Beal. In this way, there is less pressure for Anthony to constantly carry the team’s offensive load. Carrying too much of a scoring load has been a notorious burden for Carmelo Anthony with the New York Knicks.

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